Component video cable?

I've posted this question before but thought that I'd post it again for additional info. Can anyone please share experiences with higher end component video cables. Please don't answer just use Radio Shack because I know that cables DO make a difference. Many have suggested the Zu Megular. Are these better than using higher end digital cables. I'm currently using Kimber DV-30 and it produces a nice image. I still feel that it can be better. I was considering using three Virtual Dynamics Nite digital cables. I've talked to Rick at VD and he says this should be the best component setup money can buy. I'm considering this option. Has anyone used these cables? Are they hard to work with because of weight and lack of flexibility? I can go up the Kimber chain but wanted to see if anyone has had experience with a component cable that has blown them away. Thanks in advance for your input.
My .02: Try the Pure Note Sigma digital/video cable (75 Ohm)($200). I use three of them for component video. Great color saturation and focus
Just saw someone mention Harmonic's component cable. I'm a HT neophyte, but had an opportunity to pick up the Harmonic a couple of years ago and did for my Mits Diamond/DVD setup. I have no idea if its good or not. How does it stack up, if you know?
I am a audio cable freak, but never believed in them for video. Then my dealer recommended trying the Purist component cable and it was extraordinary. The color saturation and detail were astonishing. I had tried the Synergist Research "Line Doubler" but it made the reds too red and washed out the blues. The sharpness and detail were equivalent to my $150 straightwires. Fortunately I was able to send them back and get the Purist.
I have the reference component cables from VD and they have made a huge difference over the previous cables I had with my Sony 40" XBR400. It is like you are right there. I have them hooked up to my cable box and I am going to try them with my DVD and compare them against my silver link II. They are built like tanks and take a little work to make turns.

In regards to your question, I was running Monster video 3's and recently switched over to the zu cable megular. I noticed that the zu were not as good initially because they had not yet been burned in (Still burning in and I'll need to retest afterwards). however, I feel that they don't really make a big difference if you are within the $100-$200 range. I've also tested the wireworld starlight S-video cable. that was a bit better than the monster video 3 cable but it's also more expensive. If you are really serious about upgrading I suggest the audioquest YIQ5 I've heard that these are one of the best.