Componets first, cables second?

I often hear about the improvements cables have made to systems, whether IC or speaker cables. Then IK hear the advice, buy the best components you can afford and upgrade cables along the way.

What I am wondering is is it, buy the best compnents you can afford and worry about cables later on down the road, or is it, a balance between the two to achieve the sound one is after?

For xample, to be more concrete, should I buy a better CDP and sacrifice on the cabling or should I buy a more moderate CDP and get a high quality cable?

Any expereince/advice is welcome
"i might ask owners of the 128 about their experiences with the 128"

And if there were other tennis's around, they'd tell you to stop asking stupid and rhetorical questions and turn the thing on, determine whether you like it out and stop wasting everyones time.

Hopefully, others would reasonably politely say tennis is a twit, and just share their experiences.

Really - if the question and answers being asked here (and I see you saying the same thing in three different threads), aren't up to your high and mighty standards, then go somewhere else!
Mariaspl.: In the 1960's people played their music through vintage tube amps and ESL 57's and they were using... zip chord for interlinks and power cords. The sound was simply glorious! Better than many of today's gears, even with the ultra expensive cables. So what do you think?
P.S.: I'm not saying that cables aren't important.

As always so many opinions and no concrete conclusion, Mr Tennis makes a very valid point about experience being the best teacher. You have a wonderful system that easily must have cost you over 10K and hours of research. Why not invest 2 or 3k and buy 4 used pairs of cables for a private shootout from Agon. Ive never purchased a used cable I couldnt resell, most sellers will include shipping since there is virtually very little cost. Even at a 5% loss off a used purchase your looking at a 150. to 200 loss, way better than driving around looking for a right cable or advice. You will have a irefutable personal conclusion, pricless if your a serious audiophile. Good luck!
Wow, I leave for a day and this thread has truly disintegrated into a pissing contest.

Thanks to anyone trying to indeed steer it towards a useful conversation. Of course Mrtennis is right, there is no substitute for personal expereince. Yet, I have and will continue to gain insight from those with vastly more expereince on these threads. So, I won't stop asking the questions.

However, if we could leave the adolescent attitude of "I am holier than though" out of the fray, we could really get to the heart of the matter which is how do we continue to refine our systems for maximum enjoyment no matter what our listening preferences are.

It is generally encouraged to ask others of their experiences and suggestions - that's what discussion posts are for.

Keep on asking all the questions you want.