Computer power cable and desktop audio

The other day I added the basic Pangea AC-14 power cable for my main computer AC and the audio difference was far beyond what I had guessed, roughly on the level or more of replacing the stock fuses in my Emotiva airmotiv 4s with the Supreme ones. In choosing the $30 Pangea, I assumed that the computer mains is far enough away from the audio system (DAC, speakers) that the audio quality of the cable wouldn't make a difference, or not much of one. Do you think that's true? How about with a TV, where the audio is being handled (Toslink, DAC) by external speakers?

(Note: if you don't believe in any of this, please don't comment)
A friend of mine has a small desktop setup with DAC and we tried 3 different pc's (over about a 4-week period) and although the cords were not especially costly or anything, they each did have their own decidedly characteristic sound to them and 2 of the wires had a bigger impact than the PS Audio pc (forget which one...think it was lower down in their line up) being used on the DAC (as compared to the DAC's stock wire). Or at least that was the conclusion of my friend since I wasn't there at the time he had actually upgraded to the PS Audio pc. But, I would think for changes among the pc's like what we heard you should be able to hear it with anything but the worst of speakers...better bass, soundstaging, highs, air...lots things, really.
I put furutech power cables on my a/v system, which has a computer for streaming and pvr function - the difference was clearly audible.

Having played also with my dacmagic and replacing it's power supply I can say with certainty that good power cables are very beneficial to all components including digital sources.

The one that really turned my head was replacing the power cord on my apple TV. Since its power supply was so imbedded I was not expecting the improvements attained.

One other thing that improved the sound immensely was a DH Labs toslink cable for both the apple TV and the a/v system

Hope this helps
Thanks. I noticed a big sound improvement on my Samsung LCD TV, along with my computer, when I switched to Pangea AC-14 power cords. Same when I went from a Monoprice "premium" Toslink to a Silflex glass. The improvements didn't surprise me so much as their magnitude. Got me wondering how far away from the end point cable sound character matters.