Computer to DAC Streamer

I am looking to get a digital-to-digital streamer for my new office system. I currently have a Sonare microRendu and that unit will move to another room once my new office system is built up. I also use ROON. I was originally considering getting a DAC with Ethernet streaming built-in but I may require a DAC with DSP and those DACs do not have this feature. I should add that the Linn SELEKT DSM streamer/DAC has Ethernet streaming and DSP but lacks the analog inputs I need (it also sounds excellent).

It has been suggested to me to buy an Innous streamer to get my music across to the DAC. However, I am trying to understand why these products are better than my current noisy computer combined with the micrRendu digital-to-digital type products. Anybody done a comparison? Is it because of noise on the Ethernet wire polluting the DAC?

In no particular order the following streamers have have come up in my research as being better than the microRendu I currently own (I have not heard these) :

Simaudio Mind2

Sonare Signiture Rendu

Auralic G2 Aeris

I am interested in the feedback or thought process of people who were making the same streamer decision as me. What did you guys end up getting or looking to get? I know there are a lot of lower costs alternatives and I am open to anything that will take my to the top tier sound level.

My preamp/DAC choice is looking like it will be the Anthem STR.
Go over to Computer Audiophile.  A lot of people here have no idea how this stuff even works, as evidenced by the comments so far.  Laughable to me that people would assume the junk network streamer thrown into a Directstream DAC is better than any USB output.

Anyway I will say if you already have a low noise network streamer you are heading down the path of seriously diminishing returns by upgrading the back end server to an “audio grade” component if you plan to keep the streamer in use in your listening room.

The goal here is to pass the cleanest waveform possible with the least amount of noise to the DAC section.  No magic fairie dust.
@shredder Thanks for the explanation. Sounds like I should contact Sonare and talk with one of their reps about the optical.

@emcdade I actually have this same thread on CA but the responses here have been more enlightening. What you are saying is what I am seeing to a reasonable extent with my microRendu. However, with the new more resolving DAC I will buy, even Sonare tells me to get something better than the mircroRendu.

I spoke to a dealer yesterday , who I think is a straight shooter, about his thoughts on Aurender, SimAudio Mind2 and 390 Network Player that he carries (also Anthem dealer). His response to me was the following (edited):

I think that my first choice for the streamers would be the MOON 390. It sounds very nice, does ROON, and MQA, as well as it has so many other features. It is like an audio Swiss Army Knife. We have compared it with other DACs and Streamers, and unless you are willing to double your money at least you won’t find a better sounding unit.

Mind 2 is very good, and all the MOON products have a 10 year warranty, and 100% trade in for the first year, and 75% in the 2nd year. The Aurender is excellent sounding, though I am not fond of the style of interface they use on the app, just a personal preference, some do like it.

At the moment I am going in with the assumption that I need the Anthem STR preamp with room correction. Thus a streamer and/or server is needed too. However, if my home demo of speakers shows that the acoustic room treatments I have suffice and the Anthem room correction is not needed, then the Moon 390 Network player seems like a serious contender.
Hey yyzsantabaraba,

just fyi - I decided to purchase an Auralic Aries G2 Streamer from Audio Advisor.  I will post to this forum after I get it setup and settled in. I’ll be able to compare it directly to my Aurender N100H and  Bluesound Node 2 units I have in other systems.  As you know, I’ve been a bit over the map on streamers for a system in a remote location. I expect it to handily eclipse those two units.  For me, I think the issue might end up being whether or not my preamp/DAC (NAD M12) and amp (NAD M22) are up to snuff. If I really like the streamer, I may exchange the Aries G2 for the Vega G2 which has the streamer/DAC and preamp all in one.  Also still under consideration are the T+A DAC 8 (thanks Audiotroy), the Lumin S2, and Linn Selekt DSM.  I hope I’m soon to hop off the equipment merry go round.  
Stay tuned.
@mgrif104  Congrats on the new streamer. I am sure it will sound good. I am starting to feel that all of the streamers discussed in this thread are rather good and some are great. I am looking for great (reason for thread).

I felt the NAD m12/m22 system I demoed was very good but the same speakers with Simaudio was almost great. However, the $$$ cost was way higher on the Simaudio system. The cost factor also goes into my feelings on my audio happiness.