Concerning high end audio names in new cars

It made sense to me when high end audio manufactures started selling their brand names to the likes of BMW. I really had to look twice when I saw the Jeep Grand Wagoneer on a commercial with large blue MacIntosh meters on the dash! I went to the website just to make sure my eyes weren't deceiving me. It's just fluff of course. I've been in several vehicles with supposedly high end audio systems. I wasn't impressed  with any of them. I wonder what impact if any the Mac meters will have on the general public. I hope audiophiles steer clear of this model car as it could prove to be a distraction for sure. 


I have a "Fender tuned" system AKA Panasonic in my 2017 VW GLI and I think it sounds just fine. I wasn't expecting much after all I am listening in a car.

I have never gone into car audio with the expectation it’ll be anywhere near home audio quality, for reasons many have stated. Especially as many of our home systems cost as much if not more than many cars entirely. If a car’s sound system is enjoyable for what it is, that’s what counts. I’ve felt lot of it falls on sources and EQ which some manufacturers provide more adjustment and flexibility than others.


My fiance’s Harmon Kardon in the X5 sounds much better than the Bose in my A6. My old A6 had Bose and in some ways, sounded better than my significantly newer one. Are either ’audiophile’ quality? Nope, but in 90% of my experience optional systems sound better than base systems. As should be expected. Is it worth the price? That’s up to the individual.


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Aren’t you guys a little too critical? The Mark Levinson in the Lexus is far from being awful. 

Thanks for correcting what I hear. Maybe you can tell me what films I like also.

The manufacturers that advertise  Bose (I'm talking to you, Mazda) crack me up. No doubt they're not going after the audiophile crowd. Too bad because Mazda makes great cars.