concrete (cinder) block tower with wood chopping block for turntable stand

Any suggestions from users who have done, or contemplate doing this. I looked at concrete blocks at Lowes last night. I made two stacks of 3 side by side, plus a solid block (without the center openings) as the top block. This gave me about 34" in height. Then the thought is either a Walnut or Bamboo chopping board for a top shelf. I would use four cork or cork/rubber sandwich (2"X 2") squares to couple the wood chopping block to the concrete tower. I am also considering an Isoacoustics platform as a more expensive alternative. Fire away....?


If you do use the cinder blocks, my suggestion would be to sandwich a layer of a thin (1/4"- 1/2"), rubbery material between the layers. This should eliminate any transfer of vibration between blocks.

That being said, unless you live alone, a stack of concrete blocks will be extremely hideous and won't last long if your partner has an opinion on it.

Either way, good luck with it.

It'll cost you next to nothing to try it, quit asking opinions and do it!

I'd initially adhere nothing, that way you can see how butt ugly it is and easily dismantle it.

Then take the blocks outside and plant herbs in the holes for you and the Mrs.


One can certainly bond them together with a structural adhesive like SikaFlex.
(That would also likely provide some container layer dampening.)

A grinding wheel to knock down high points and then another layer if adhesive to hold the top on can make them flat in a similar way to how a shoe orthotic provides a platform for the foot.
One could probably use a layer of sorbethane type of stuff.

At some point if the floor is vibrating, then keeping that from telegraphing up through the structure can be helpful.

Regarding appearance, you could paint the blocks to give a finished look.  I think it could look good.  But of course fit the blocks beforehand to see if you like them.  Good luck.  

som random thoughts ....

- lousy WAF - I think others have said this

- try it, its cheap

- fill the holes with sand - messy, but it will deaden it for sure

- a company in Toronto sells rubber/cork/rubber blocks pretty cheap - I can look them up if you want

- go to your local kitchen counter store and get them to cut a piece of leftover granite to your spec - then sit your TT on it - could also make a sandwich or granite/rubber/leftover wood - I used oak

- I ended up with Lowes shelf brackets - 100lb rating/bracket - used 3 lag bolts into the stud for each bracket - 2x leftover 3/4" plywood - TT sits on granite on the plywood - works for me - YMMV - my TT is a VPI Prime

- I was not expecting the sound to be as good as it now is - instruments are now clearer and more 'air' around them - I just wanted to eliminate footfall stuff - my basement floor is concrete + some plywood/resin thing I found at Home Depot + 3/4" solid oak strips - so its pretty dead anyway

- you didn't say what your floor is?

Anyway, good luck with your experiment. I would try and shelves first and blocks second, FWIW.