Conditioning cds and dvds, before playing

Exceptional results, treating the label side, with a new Turtle Wax product.

It is called "Hybrid Solutions, Pure Shine Misting Detailer."  20 ounces for $20.        A real bargain in the audio world (!) and I'm a season away from trying it on cars. Simply spray onto the label side of the disc and wipe off. 

I am hearing incredible highs, smooth and detailed, and enhanced bass also.  There is greater depth, height, and width to the sound, while maintaining a natural presentation, bringing you closer to the music.


I wonder if this would improve ripping a CD into a WAV file?  There certainly was a significant improvement going to a WAV file from simply playing a CD in a good player.

Spray it on the label side? LOL! The data bits are on the silver side and are read by the laser. Now where did I put my green ink pen?



cmon man. The wax adds .0017 grams of the slippery wax coating which makes the top of the CDs more aerodynamic when spinning, allowing the tray mechanism 

and laser to remain lubricated and spin easier, giving the laser a better read of the data side, resulting in a more euphoric and open sound stage. You have to get with it Jason, get with the times brah! 

I know when I Simonize or turtle wax the label side the sound is like Calgon, yup,…it takes me away to a magical land where puppies and baby sheep eat skittles and make cherry and lime flavored rainbow dumps, which eventually rise up to cover the sky with kaka scented aroma. 
 I stand in awe as the completely harmonious music flows into my soul and gently massages my tokus.  Cmon Jason, you have to try to believe.

The wax is miraculous and sends a uplifting cool lilac and chocolate breeze, as I fall to the ground and gently fall to the soft and pillowy ground as I’m saved by the baby sheep fur.  You see, open up your mind and buy a jar of turtle wax, and apply it to all of your CDs,…try rubbing some on the top of your streamer, it will give you the sensation of running through tall foxtail fields in your birthday suit



For the data side, I use Chisto's "Disk Analoguer."

Some cd drawer-loading players have platters secured to them.  The Theta Miles player requires the label side to rest on the platter.  The special sauce interacts very nicely between the label side of the disc and Marigo Audio's excellent "Aida" cd mat.  I use double-sided tape to mate the mat to the platter, further reducing vibration.