Conditioning cds and dvds, before playing

Exceptional results, treating the label side, with a new Turtle Wax product.

It is called "Hybrid Solutions, Pure Shine Misting Detailer."  20 ounces for $20.        A real bargain in the audio world (!) and I'm a season away from trying it on cars. Simply spray onto the label side of the disc and wipe off. 

I am hearing incredible highs, smooth and detailed, and enhanced bass also.  There is greater depth, height, and width to the sound, while maintaining a natural presentation, bringing you closer to the music.


For the data side, I use Chisto's "Disk Analoguer."

Some cd drawer-loading players have platters secured to them.  The Theta Miles player requires the label side to rest on the platter.  The special sauce interacts very nicely between the label side of the disc and Marigo Audio's excellent "Aida" cd mat.  I use double-sided tape to mate the mat to the platter, further reducing vibration.

Remember those green colored rubber/plastic circular rings that people bought to place on the outer edges of CDs. I remember them

The green marker was actually studied by two Sony engineers, and then Sony came out with the green tinted CD. The color has everything to do with correcting scattered laser light.

Agree with a couple of other posters how does putting wax on the label side have anything to do with the sound as the silver side is where the tracks are