Confession: I only like Norah Jones because so many others told me to

Norah Jones is the darling of Jazz and Audiophile press for a few years.  I've heard her albums, maybe even bought one.  Look, being a musical artist is hard as hell and I can't do it, but I realize in listening to others talk about her that I'm missing something special while listening to her.

Please, without wanting to pile on her, if you love her tell me why.  What has you going about Miss Jones that makes her a standout? No wrong answers.


She has always left me cold.
To me, she lacks passion.
She feels like a product more than an artist. 

To me, she lacks passion.


@unreceivedogma I think you are onto something. For those of us from classical music based musical cultures, her songs are verbal narratives without a corresponding musical conflict, or resolution. The music is more mood than drama.

I think that's what's missing for me. Entire mood albums, and, rightly or wrongly, I keep expecting a musical piece with a point, counterpoint, and resolution, much along the lines of a classical piece and nowhere on the album does one appear.

@erik_squires "I actually do like Norah Jones"

So do I.  She rates a solid "8.0" on my "# of plays" scale. Just above Diana Krall, and few ticks away from Linda Ronstat.

I woke up yesterday with an impulse to inject some light humor into the conversatioin.  At least that was my intention.  Probably should have taken the dog for a walk instead.

Thanks for the post.  Always a pleaure reading your contributions.