I am currently running B&W N802 for fronts, with N804's and an HTM1 for HT, these are being powered by a Krell TAS 200x5 and am also using a B&K Ref30 pre/pro.

I have the opportunity to get some terrific pricing on a Bryston SP1.7 along with a 6B SST (350x3), and was wanting some of your knowledge/input on the following scenarios. Let me state upfront the Krell being sold is not possible right now for a variety of reasons I won't get into, and I am by and large happy with how it drives the B&W's with the exception of you can always use more power with these speakers.

Scenario 1- Upgrade to the SP1.7 and do nothing else, live to upgrade amplification another day.

Scenario 2- Upgrade to SP1.7 and the 6B SST. Bi-amp 4 of the Krell's channels in the N802's and use the Bryston for center and surrounds. (I'm assuming this gives me 400wpc going into the N802's and 350 into the rest) If I do that, how do I split the front channels out of the pre/pro into the 4 channels I would use to bi-amp the speakers?

Scenario 3- Upgrade to SP1.7 and the 6B SST. Bridge the Krell to deliver 800wpc into the fronts and have the remainder at the 350 from the Bryston. My question with this is the 802's are rated to 500wpc and will there be a marked difference between them and the others in HT or 5.1 listening?

Any help or insight as to which scenario is best sonically would be welcomed. Thanks

Although I believe that amplification is almost always the weakest link in most any system, I'd have to guess that in your case, the B&K Ref30 is perhaps the weakest link.

I say that only because I've read several reviews in the past few years on the Ref 30 and the reviewers seemed to consistantly state that the ergonomics are nice but the sonics are mediocre at best.

Therefore, I'd lean toward replacing the pre/pro. But for that I would elsewhere than what you have mentioned. Have you ever heard of Primare? Excellent pre-pro that I've owned that I compared to some outstanding 2-channel preamps and outperformed almost everyone of them in almost every category. New the Primare retails for about $3700.

Are you looking for 7.1 or 5.1? What other characteristics are you seeking for a pre/pro?

After the prepro, I would then look at replacing the amplification.

I have a kiler deal lined up on a new SP1.7. I've read nothing but good things about it, and don't use video switching (which it doesn't have) so it cleans up my system and sound, IMO.
I think the SP1.7 will be a great upgrade for you, it's a first rate preamp for one should be steller with this unit. It's also a much better pre/pro than the somewhat outdated Ref 30. You could add a two channel Krell for your 802's down the road if you go 7 channels, this is what I did. You can get a XLR splitter from cobalt cables if you want to try the biamp thing down the road..not sure it would be much of an upgrade with a multichannel amp as apposed to just adding another larger two channel Krell. Won't cost much to try though as I think the splitter runs about $40 a pair from cobalt.