confused and don't know what to do

We would like to buy a nice audio system and also have this double as a surround sound but listening to music is the priority. We have listened to many speakers but have settled on the B&W 804's. Now the challenge is to select a receiver and all the other accompaniments we require. We have a little challenge in that our home is a condo and the outside wall is all glass. The space is combined kitchen, living room, and dining room all open with hardwood floors and hard tile on the walls of the kitchen and a lot of granite counter tops. It seems that every where we go, the recommendations are different depending on what the store is selling and of course, the sales people would like us to buy the most expensive. What would give great sound without going crazy. We are thinking about 2 tribe sub woofers and space is limited and an in wall center B&W speaker but we don't know what we are doing and don't want to throw our money away. Help! Too many choices and we don't have enough knowledge. Thank you so much.
I was in a similar situation a few years back. I was coming from a surround system that was great for movies, but not enjoyable for music. I went deep down the rabbit hole of trying to get my stereo setup satisfying for music. By the time I did I had blown whatever budget for any additional surround setup up, but to my happy surprise the large enveloping soundstage, sharp spatial definition and Timbral richness added up to a movie experience that was significantly more satisfying than my surround system ever was. One day, when the coffers are replenished, I may take a stab at rebuilding a surround system, but in the meantime, I want for nothing and the music is out of this world endgame fantastic! I am simply recommending that you fully satisfy your music itch first, and then see where you’ve landed... and then plan next stage. Problem with starting surround first is that it rules out so much great gear that may blow your mind musically. YMMV
I agree that if you really value stereo music, you can't use the same gear for video.

Get speakers that suit both purposes and then set up your audio system however you like.

Then add either an AV receiver, or do what I do (but it is far more expensive) and add a really good AV pre and separate power amp - in other words two completely different amplification paths, one for music and one for video. Just takes a minute to pull the speaker wires from one and plug them into the other - using good quality banana plugs speeds it up over having to undo spades or bare wires.

A while back I started a thread here referencing this same topic.
I have not looked at it in a while, since I came to my own conclusion after a lot of research and auditions. If I remember correctly it’s called amplifiers good for music listening or 2 channel listening.

Anyway, my conclusion was to separate the two. If you don’t, you will never have the best of both worlds. First and foremost, what is your budget and what is your priority. If want to keep them together then buy based on your listening priority.  Keep in mind home theatre requires accuracy and forwardness which might night be ideal for music listening. Also, you do not have to spend a lot for your home theatre for it to be good. In my opinion you should pick out a pair of speakers that call out to you sonically and then pick the rest, since you can always tame your speakers by 
positioning, working with electronics, wiring, etc. Once you pick your speakers do your home work plus audition your ears
If you want something you like and not be disappointed when you take it home, take your time. Remember some dealers will let you take gear home to audition.   Anyway, good luck and have fun....
+1 to audiotroy and mtrot approach. I used to use a receiver as preamp but upgraded to dac/preamp. Remember that any DAC used in this way will have to have analog inputs. It does complicate the system use and remote control, esp with a music server, but I LOVE my combined 2ch/HT system now! We really need some idea of budget to give better recommendations on gear. I use Anthem MRX-1120 for all other channels, and Bel canto DAC3.5mk2 with Mark Levinson ML-532h amp for 2ch. The system kicks. The new Bel Canto Black EX DAC-pre looks really nice if you can afford it.

If your room is large, I highly recommend multiple subs (a swarm), even if you won't play them loud. I suffered for 20 years with what I would call a hollow bass sound, and adding a 3rd sub on the far side of the room solved that. It's like magic, and believe me, I tried just about everything else.

I also finally got acoustic treatments, and they were the icing on the cake. In your room, these will be absolutely essential. Keep in mind that if you go with receiver for surround only, it will not be able to correct for your 2ch, and this is actually a good thing. Also, no amount of room correction can compensate for a room with many reflective surfaces. I recommend GIK acoustics as very helpful in overall design with many options and good price/$.

I wouldn't skimp too much on cables, but I would save really expensive ones until the end. I'm a firm believer in ALL cables affecting the sound. Best of luck, and come back with more information as your system progresses.

Forgot to mention not all speakers you like might not have a compatible center channel. Keep in mind your center is everything to a good home theatre. Another suggestion is to read up on tweeter material and how they influence sound, this is very important. Also, electronics such as amps do influence the sound from your speakers no matter what others say, since I did experience this.