confused and don't know what to do

We would like to buy a nice audio system and also have this double as a surround sound but listening to music is the priority. We have listened to many speakers but have settled on the B&W 804's. Now the challenge is to select a receiver and all the other accompaniments we require. We have a little challenge in that our home is a condo and the outside wall is all glass. The space is combined kitchen, living room, and dining room all open with hardwood floors and hard tile on the walls of the kitchen and a lot of granite counter tops. It seems that every where we go, the recommendations are different depending on what the store is selling and of course, the sales people would like us to buy the most expensive. What would give great sound without going crazy. We are thinking about 2 tribe sub woofers and space is limited and an in wall center B&W speaker but we don't know what we are doing and don't want to throw our money away. Help! Too many choices and we don't have enough knowledge. Thank you so much.
raw33, as you said music is your priority. With a good system you do not need all that surround sound stuff. Just stick the biggest TV you can between your 804s, Get two subwoofers, an amplifier with at least 200 watts/channel with it's matching preamp(Anthem is a great value) and a Top Blu Ray player like the Mcintosh MVP 901. Call it a day unless you want to do vinyl. You don't even need a streamer as the MVP 901 will do it for you.
Thank you for all the fabulous advice. Today, after reading several recommendations, I went to listen to the KEF REF3's. I loved their warm sound. I am convinced from the comments that choosing the right speakers and putting the dollars into them will be the appropriate choice and it would be great to listen to them in my own space. I wanted to listen to the KEF REF 5's but they didn't have them in the store I visited. However, they did just get in a pair of KEF Blades. Wow, they are pricey. Let's say I could afford the 5's and it would be a real stretch to imagine the Blades, but just for laughs and giggles, I would love to hear comments on the KEF Ref 3's vs 5's and if anyone has any knowledge on the Blades, well let's hear it anyway even though it is probably out of my ballpark if I want to buy anything other components.
 I will heed advice and slowly build the system to ensure that I pay attention to every detail along the way. I don't know what to say about a budget. What is too little, what is too much, what gives me a great bang for the buck that will be something I can enjoy for years to come? I have no idea what number that should be.  I know I am not spending 100K on the entire system. Am I spending 30K or 50K, don't know if that is bang for the buck This is why I have asked you who have so much more expertise and knowledge than I to help guide me in these endeavors. I have checked the echoing in the room- non-existent so even though there are a lot of hard surfaces, I have area carpets and furniture that dampen the effects of those surfaces. I have no magic number in mind. I just retired but have savings and enjoy music which will be a very important part of my life.
Thank you all so much for helping me on this journey. I am learning so much!

If you decide on the KEF’s, I recommend using electronics that are on the warm side such as Mcintosh, Pass Labs, etc.  These speakers can be a bit bright at times and create listening fatigue, but they are great for home theatre in my opinion. You should also check out some horns like the Klipsch La Scala AL5 or Cornwall IV, Volti Audio stuff,  etc., this is like listening to live music in the comfort of your home. I recommend looking at reviewers on line such as Steve Guttenberg and others and this will help a bit, but audition, audition, audition..
Keep in mind what you like others might not and there is a whole industry to explore.

i have 2 pairs of b&w’s:  686( 2005 bookshelves)and dm 580 (90’s floorstanding) and tried them at home with arcam delta 60 integrated ,arcam delta 120 power amp (with some ss and tube preamps),nad c352 (given as a present to a friend), an old rotel receiver (traded for a wireworld rca cable)and a jvc receiver(given as a present to another friend). arcam and b&w always work the best since arcam is warm and realistic so it’s never dull (b&W and nad or jvc)or too bright (b&w and rotel)which are the dangers with b&w speakers .

If you decide to split your music from h theatre look into you can go Parasound for amplification and a good pro. Another good h theatre setup is NAD, with either of these you don’t have to break the bank and they are good.