Confused State of affairs: CD player

Strange that I am caught up in this quandary in this digital streaming age. I currently have an Oppo BDP-95 as my CD player and Blue-Ray video player. It plays through a coax connect to my Auralic Vega G2 DAC with a HDMI connect to my TV with HDMI audio off. The sound seems good through my B&W 800D3 with McIntosh C1100 pre-Amp/ MC1.25KW mono blocks. So I don’t use the Oppo DAC in the current set-up.

I visited the McIntosh dealer today and really liked the MCD600 playing on his set-up. Question to the group here:

Should I be looking to upgrade my Music CD player from the Oppo?
If yes, should I be looking at a transport MCT500 and let the Auralic Vega G2 (DAC) play on like the set-up with the Oppo. This will remove any possibility of playing a SACD through the set-up as the MCT500 (like the Oppo) does not pass on the DSD quality through its coax.
Or should I go in with the MCD600 which has a built-in DAC and connect it to my C1100 and then retain the option of playing a SACD?

Price difference between the options is $2,500 between the MCT500 and MCD600 as I end up having two high quality DACs in my system (3 if I count the Oppo which I will have to retain due to Blue-Ray video).

I do not have the option to demo either of the MCT500 or MCD600 against the Oppo to compare and I listen to CD music around 2 hours a week, so not too much and not too little.

I want to have the best sounding music from my system, so quality comes before any other consideration. Happy to hear views from people who might have heard through any of the above combos.

@sudhirgoel, I'm glad to hear it, just remember the old trick about volume matching. If you could take a few notes, say on your phone, and share your findings with us I'm sure it would be much appreciated. 

The dealer can insist on what he/she likes, but the 2 most 'different' CD players I heard were the Rega Saturn and the Linn CD12.

Through some medium sized bookshelf speakers on stands, can't remember make but I recall they had ribbon tweeters, the Saturn had an almost chocolatey smooth propulsive bass.
The Linn CD12 had a huge image through an all Linn system.

Very difficult to say if they were actually better or just different.

All of the rest sounded pretty much alike.
Have fun.
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Years ago I compared my Oppo 95 against a new then McIntosh MCD500. Since it was easy to do, I brought the 95 to the dealers showroom and made the comparison. I thought the MCD500 was so much better that I left the showroom with a new MCD500. I believe the MCD600 would be even better. I now have an Oppo 103, 105D and 205 but these are only used for movies and video. Just to throw in some confusion, I did sell the MCD500 for a Esoteric K-03 and then to a K-01x which I preferred even more.

I also have a C1100 but with MC2301 mono's. I believe once you upgrade you CD player you will have a fantastic system.

if you want a quality integrated unit, you should be looking at Esoteric, Luxman, Marantz, Primare, Bryston, rather than Mac.
Thanks all again for spending time on my question and helping me make a decision.

big_greg - Thanks very much and I am also inclined to think similarly

cd318 - Will do as much as possible

elizabeth - No problem at all and sorry for being a novice else I would have figured the language

mcgal - Wow. Thats exactly what I wanted to hear. I buy McIntosh stuff because I have a very friendly dealer, I love the looks and it goes very well with my other equipment

twoleftears - My McIntosh preference is quite clear by now but I appreciate if you think the sound would be better with other brands. Please could you recommend me a specific CD player in each of those brands that you think would perform better than the MCD600. I normally will only buy stuff that have auth dealers in Hong Kong so I can get after sales support for expensive equipment. So thats also a pre-condition.

I have scheduled time with the dealer on Sat and am looking forward to it. Have a good day/ evening all of you wherever you are and enjoy your music.