Confused with size of speaker to get when placed along long wall in large room

I have a large open living space approximately 22’ deep x 50’ long x 13’ high.  A combined space arranged from left to right with the living room, dining room, and kitchen.  I am confused as to what size speakers I should be looking at.  The listening area in the living room, is about a third of the entire space, approx. 22’ deep x 16’ long x 13’ high, open on the right to the dining area and kitchen.

My question is, is my listening room considered 22’ x 16’ x 13’, or is it 22’ x 50’ x 13’?

I currently have Klipsch Cornwall speakers setup in a 3’ x 12’ alcove in the living area, along the long 50’ wall.  While happy with the Cornwalls, I want to try new non-horn speakers.  The Cornwalls are about 10’ apart, and 10’ from the listening position.  I don’t often listen at loud volumes.  Mostly low 70’s dB.

The sidewall on the left is mostly glass, but damped by thick drapes.  The sidewall on the right I guess would be practically non-existent, being so open.

My gut tells me that speakers like the Perlisten s7t, ProAc K8, Magico A5, are the correct size.  Something like an Audio Note AN-E sp, or Gershman Grand Avant Garde, are too small.

Thanks for any insight in advance.

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@djwong , my home sounds like a similar layout to yours at a slightly smaller scale. One way to (partially) remove the room from the equation is with a point source design. A more focused presentation in your sweet spot, but you may give up something when moving about the house. Maybe add Daniel Hertz, Tannoy, or Fyne Audio to your demo list.

There are some very good recommendations already made here.  At your preferred listening levels it will be very hard for any pair of floorstanders to get you a smooth response and not sound thin.  I would strongly consider adding a pair of subwoofers.  This will really open up the list of speakers that will work in the space and maybe allow you to get a speaker that you love the sound of that otherwise wouldn't work.  Good luck and cheers.  

If you like the presence of Klipsch but want to move away from the horn-like nature of it, Vivid Audio speakers would be very good for your space. Models like the Kaya 45, Kaya 90, and anything in the Giya lineup all feature side-firing woofers annd ports and do not require much distance from the front walls. The designs of the speakers largely follow an organic transmission line, and the results are like the combination of the presence of a horn, the high frequency speed of electrostats, and the dynamic punch of a cone-centric speaker. They also cast a very wide dispersion, which will also work nicely for your wide room. 

I am a Vivid Audio and Perlisten dealer, and between the two, for your particular room, I would encourage you to look more into Vivid. 

Regardless, it may be worthwhile looking at a set of subwoofers or a swarm to better improve room response. Doing this allows you to worry less about the size of the speakers, and you could even get away with something smaller. In that case, Perlisten makes some of the best subs on the market. I personally use Vivid G1 Spirit and Perlisten D12s subwoofers in my room.

if you have any direct questions on any products across Vivid or Perlisten feel free to message me privately, or continue to ask on here and I’ll respond.