Connecting a subwoofer to a Joule LA-150

Has anyone hung a subwoofer off the second pair of outputs on a Joule LA-150? I'm curious. I would like to add a sub and give my Merlin VSM-MM slightly more low end bass. The BAM works great, but I just integrated video into my two channel configuration and I need a little umpf.

Hi , the second set of outputs will work fine for a sub or pair of stereo subs . Bot sets of outputs are active . If its a single sub , you can use a Y splitter and sum the outputs . The Merlins and the Joule gear work great together , esp the OTLs. You need a fast sub with good timbre capability to mate with the Merlin.... IMO.
I am using a sub with my Joule Lap-150. The second outputs are summed with a Y adapter and run with a single cable to the sub. However, make sure that the BAM is not in the tape loop of the preamp but between the preamp and the amp for this to work correctly. Don
I would go with Brainwater's solution, I don't think you'll like the sound with the BAM between preamp and amp. Ask Bobby, he'll say the same thing.