connection advice for Musical Fidelity A5 integrated amp

I have the MF A5 integrated, the Sansui TU9900, an Original CD and sonus faber speakers (grand piano).

I had disconnected everything for about 2 years and want to reconnect now.

I tried to connect all the cables and speakers wires according to the manual but it just doesn't play.  The red mute button is NOT on , the components all light up, and the tape monitor is not lit. Any suggestions please?

Recheck all connections. Make sure that there is an antenna (folded dipole) on the tuner. Try again. If still not working I'd suspect the MF A5 (if no sound from both the CD player and tuner). Next step would be to borrow a working integrated amp or receiver. Try that in place of the MF.
Does the relay click when the A5 is turned on?  Have you made sure the tape, tape monitor, or HT direct inputs are not selected?