Connectors from cross-overs to drivers question

I recently built a pair of the CSS Audio 1TD-X monitors, the sound of which has exceeded my expectations.  The metal connectors that were supplied that clip on to the tabs on the drivers were pretty crappy and very difficult to crimp the wires to.  

Two questions.  First, can anyone recommend better connectors?  Second, I saw a tool somewhere that looks a bit like pliers that strips the covering off the connecting wire, and perfectly crimps the wire to the connector with one squeeze. I suppose I could solder the wires to the driver tabs, but I am not that handy with a soldering iron and it seems to be a delicate place to solder for a nimrod like me.    Cheers, Whitestix 


Just get a decent soldering iron and solder away.  Just don't leave it on the terminals too long.  I doubt you will hear a difference though.

Soldering is not that hard even for nimrods like us!



That's the tool was was looking for, thanks.  I guess I will get the soldering iron out. I have never finished a soldering job without burning myself and doubt this time it will be any different. However, soldering the wire to the driver tabs will take the cheap connectors out of the signal path.  

Thanks to other for responding.

If you’re going to solder electronics for connectors silver solder with rosin core so no flux needed, for one of the best and to use on circuit boards is silver solder with a silver core and separate flux. You can use that for connectors and connections also but it’s a little more expensive than silver solder with a rosin core 

Find someone who knows how to solder to teach you.  If you don’t know what to look for, you’ll end up with “cold” solder joints which will cause you no end of aggravation in the future.

And you definitely don’t want to use those cheap clips if you care about sound quality.


I have decided to solder the connections and your solder recommendation is appreciated.  What temperature do you recommend for this solder?


I worry both about damaging the driver with the heat of the soldering iron as well as cold solder joints.  I will find somebody to tutor me on the task.  I see guys in soldering vids seemingly just touch the soldering iron to the union of the wires and I  seem to have to keep the soldering iron on the union for way longer than they do, often melting the plastic coating on the wire. I have been using 60/40 rosin core solder so that might be why?  Thanks for your response.