Connoisseur tonearm ?

I bought (1980) and still own a Connoisseur BD2A turntable. I am pretty sure its a Grace tonearm but don't know what model. It is a straight arm so its not the 707. Anyone know a website or source I can contact to verify the model. Thanks
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Tha standard 1980s Connoiseur tonearm was not a Grace arm. It was a straight tube, fixed headshell with 2 axis gimballed bearings. It looked a bit like a Grace 707, but wasn't. In 1980, the Grace 707 cost about 175 GBP in the UK, substantially more than the BD2A with arm.
Could be the 747. Sumiko is the company that used to make Grace tonearms. They have an importer on the web. Google Sumiko and see if you get some info.
Where are the gimbals? If they are vertical and horizontal, it's a Grace. If they are at +/-45deg, it's the Connoisseur.