Conrad Johnson CAV45-S2 8 ohm? 4 ohm? Other?

Anyone here know what the Conrad Johnson CAV45-S2 integrated amplifiers speaker terminals are tapped at? There is only one set and not the usual 4 and 8 ohm ones. I can't find the information anywhere, not even in the manual. Very odd. I used to have a VTL IT-85 and the terminals were tapped at 5 ohms. Thanks. 

I need to see a lawyer since they are advertising NOS Mullards. 
what is the 65watt amp suppose to have what the 60watt doesn’t  and why just 5 more watts 

The expense for CJ to use NOS EL34 tubes would be prohibitive. Those tubes are rare and expensive now. I’ve been looking for a set myself for my Conrad Johnson Classic 120. I’ve given up due to the expense. 

I’ve settled for upgrading the 6922 tubes in that amp and am delighted with the results. Btw - I don’t think the CJ provides NOS 6922 tubes. I’m pretty sure those are new Slovak tubes. The box was new and they look brand new. I switched them out. 

The CJ Slovak 6922 are 1970 vintage some are earlier. That have a good inventory.