conrad johnson LP 275's or 140's

Who has heard or owned the new cj LP275's or 140's.

Do they have that old musicality and slight warmth that the prem 140 did not have?

I would appreciate your thoughts on the sound.

I listened to the new 140s on Wilson Alexandrias and was surprised at how warm they sounded. Actually a bit too warm for my tastes, but perhaps that was due to something else in the system.

I've also heard the Premier 140 in a totally different system with PBN speakers and it was cool and rather analytical. I can't really compare the two beyond that.

You just related the most important fact of this hobbby Arthur.Bravo,Encore for the absolute yet elegant simplicity of it all.Synergy wins again,thanks,Bob
Thanks Arthur

That cj warmth you heard on the LP 140m'a sounds good for my musical preferences.

I agree when I heard the prem 140 a couple years back it was too cold, not unlike ARC gear - too analytical for me.