conrad johnson preamps

Why are there so many Conrad Johnson preamps for sale on the gon?
C-Js solid state preamps get less attention than their tubed units but I wanted to point out that I've been using a solid state PF-R preamp for a couple of years in my family room system with great success.  It replaced a high quality passive preamp and I lost little detail and gained a nice robustness to the sound.  Just an excellent unit.
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Good question... i have a Classic 2 SE and it is the best sounding pre I've ever owned.   It "just sounds right"  as their slogan goes.   Sure, folks may complain about the high gain and the fact that is eats lesser quality tubes, but with my  40 watt  Quicksilver amps and a high quality 6922 tube it is hard to beat.  The tone and timbre is unlike any other pre I've ever owned.   It lifted the veil and delivered the most lifelike sound I've ever experienced in my home.  In fact i was on the fence whether to upgrade my speakers or pre..... my previous unit, a McCormack RLD 1 was no slouch but the Classic 2SE blew it away, no contest.  

People are quick to rip this pre for its lack of features and no remote but it is truly a great sounding component.....isnt that what's most important in a piece of equipment?   How it sounds...... it is for me
Oddiofyl I have a similar set-up to yours but a vintage upgraded PV9a with a pair of Quicksilver’s, just total enjoyment. It is only one of two systems I’ve had over the years (the other also consisted of a CJ PV5 many years back) where people, not just audiophiles, seem to really enjoy kicking back and listening to the music, just so natural and engaging on everything from classical to jazz to rock. Their products really reflect the beauty and meaning in music.CJ  just sounds right for sure.