Conrad Johnson Premier 10 Preamp.

I would very much appreciate any comment on this Preamp. How does it compare to Cary SLP 94 or 98, Rogue, VTL or other tube preamp.
Thank you so much in advance for your response.
I've had the VTL 5.5 and currently own the Premier 10.
both drove a CJ 11a and SF Concerto, with Cal Alpha as source. I had them one after another but not together at the same time to really compare them properly.
They had a lot of similarities tonally in the mid and upper range, but the VTL by far had the more fuller, robust base. I think the VTL had a more laid back midrange specially on vocals. This may be the reason why, for me anyway, I found it slightly unengaging or uninvolving. The Prem 10 is also a bit more open and transparent and although I found the base borderline acceptable, it is for me,as a whole, more involving than the VTL.
I'm also curious how these two preamps would compare with the Cary SLP 94 or 98.
Hope this helps.