Conrad Johnson,SimAudio,Thiel - Good Match?

I am drooling about a tube preamp, but I am not sure how it would sound with my current setup. My current setup is a Simaudio P5, Simaudio W5, Simaudio Nova CDP and Thiel CS2.4 Speakers.Naturally the P5 would be leaving for a tube preamp. Has anybody had a Conrad Johnson pre(17ls or 16ls) with a Simaudio W5 amp along with the Thiels.Want to get some opinons on the synergy of these two highly reputable pieces of gear before taking the plunge, I live a long way from any dealer so an audition would be hard to arrange, plus I am going to buy used anyway,just need some honest opinons from the Audiogon gang
I do not know why it would not be a good match unless there are impedence issuess. I use a 16lsII with a premier 350 driving thiel 3.6's and like the combination very much. You can always ask cj or simaudio for their thoughts.

I don't think there is any impedance problems ,the W5 has a 47k impedance,thanks for your response
So long as you like the sound of Conrad-Johnson preamps. I would expect it to sound very different than with the P5. Think warm and chocolatey, more intimate, less extension, and perhaps not as quiet as the P5.

I use a tube preamp with my W5 and Thiels too. Let us know how you like it.
As a dealer I would routinely pair cj with good solid state amps. This should sound terrific with the THIEL, which loves tubes, yet needs the power to 'drive' the impedence that they present.
Great combo of first class products which serves the speaker as well!