Conrad Johnson SS amps

I am currently looking for a new power amplifier to drive my Martin Logan CLSIIs (4ohm load). I am deciding between CJ's MF2250 and MF2500. I was wondering what the difference was between the the stock model and the "A" model. ie: MF2250 vs. MF2250A. I would also like to know if they can they be bridged? Would I get better results using two MF2250 amps or a single MF2500 amp?
Overhang: Thanks for that info. Does this mean that both CJ 2300 and 2300A are both MOSFET-based amps?

Has anyone else noticed the "hole" in the MF2500A's lower mid/ upper bass that was described by Overhang?
Yeah,they are both mosfet amps,2300 and 2300A i mean.The hole is described in one of the reviews posted on CJ website.
Overhang, I just read the reviews you refered to. It seems to me they were describing a leaness in the upper bass region not a suckout or "hole". In a perfect world I wouldn't recommend faults to band aid problems, but, budgets do exist and sometimes we must resort to "band aids" for the best affordable sound. I wonder if this leaness would tighten up and compensate for the softness in this region in my system?
I have gone back from a Premier 11 to MF2500, fed by a CJ Premier14, driving my good old Dunlavy SC-IVs as I value more the dynamics and the low noise level of SS.
Question: there is a MF2300A on a local Craiglist listing, should I consider to acquire that to replace the MF2500 or maybe to use it to bi-amp my Dunlavys?