Conrad Johnson Synthesis Speakers

Hey! My Pops is letting me inherit his old CJ Synthesis towers, sort of a family heirloom if you will.

Here they are:

Does anyone know what model number these are? (LM200 I think?) and what I should use wattage wise to juice-them? or any other information that might be good to know?

Thanks for any info!
I sold cj and their Synthesis speakers many years ago in my Audio Store.
They were very easy to drive, very pleasantly voiced.
As I recall, (it's been 25 years ago) they were about 89db1w1m.
Not a tough impedence either. I drove them with everything from small Harman Kardon receivers, to cj amps, all with great success.
If you don't get the info you need, just call cj...they're among the best folks in the industry.

Good listening,
Hi! Those are great speakers if they're intact. I owned a pair I had bought on ebay but sold them since I had several pairs and needed to raise some cash. Now I wish I hadn't. They are very hard to find, like all Synthesis speakers. The dynamics are very impressive and they make surprisingly good rock speakers. With c-j or similar tube electronics they have a very warm and natural timbre to go with their dynamics. The designer, David Fokos, presumably used the current c-j tubes to voice them, and the sound changes VERY noticeably with those tubes in the circuit. I used to use them with an MV-50 which is itself very sweet sounding. The only thing I would criticize is the bass, which is deep but a bit loose when compared to the larger Synthesis models. I prefer the overdamped bass on the LM 260, which also has a more precise soundfield, though the 210 has more imaging depth. Anyway, if you don't think the bass is tight enough you can always get a subwoofer. Take good care of them because I doubt you can get replacement drivers if you blow one, and as I said they are rather rare. Enjoy!
I believe the model number is LM-120 (someone please correct me if I'm wrong). The cabinets are made of solid oak, no MDF in these babies. I bought mine in 1988 and owned them for 20 years. I powered them with an SAE A-502, which I bought near the same time and still own today. Your speakers are rated at 100 watts. They're neutral, revealing, and the 8" fullrange drivers delivers decent lows. But it's the imaging that truly astounded me. Set up right in the proper room, these are among the best imaging speakers I've heard. Being an SAE guy, I might recommend picking up an A-202 ($100-200 ebay), conservatively rated at 100 w/c. That's enough power to mow the yard and still hear your music. Your speakers are rare and extraordinarily good, yet virtually no information about them anywhere on the web. You're gonna love 'em and your Pop is gonna wish he never got rid of 'em. So invite him for a listen. I would suggest The Church's - Happy Hunting Ground as a good one to taunt your dad. Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
Just came across a pair of CJ Synthesis L-250 speakers in the original boxes sealed SINCE 1989! Any idea what I should ask for these if I run a "for sale" ad in a stereophile publication? Any tips are welcome.
I have no idea what a fair price would be, but I would like to know when and where you list them.