ConradJohnson--Can their vintage compete with new?

I am considering going back to separates. I owned a Conrad Johnson PV-8 tube pre-amp (1988) and liked it alot. However, I like some opinions on what might be CJ's best vintage amp and pre-amp of the last 10 years only. Would even consider reasonable, reliable, modifications if worthwhile and audible. (Unfortunately, CJ's new separates are very too expensive). I have a Creek SE5350 Classic, but can't find another integrated that fits my needs and power requirements and price range. All opinions and comments welcomed. Thank you
Although the PV11 was less noisy than the PV9, for me the PV9 was much better sounding than the PV11. I had both with a MV125 driving Quad ESL63 and it was a great combination!
To Dwr
I am considering to go the same route as you did it seems (I have PV12 with phone stage). Would you be so kind to email me a few details about what exactly modifications were done, any points on your side would be great. Thank you, Anatoliy
Nobody wants to part with their PV-12, including yours truly. In some ways they are better. CJ was known for the CJ glow back in the day. Their adds were photographs of sax, trumpet, trombone, across a piano. Jazz saxes were "saxier" and trombones were "trombonier" if you get my drift; they weren't "neutral", they were better than neutral.
Thank you, Orpheus, this is good to know.
Not sure if I should keep remembering that but I saw a post where one mentioned 'possible' problem with the 'balance' handle on the PV12, I can't recall at the moment what exactly was said. Was wondering if you had any 'side effects' in this connection. But if I decide to go with the mods either with RBH of CJ I was going to ask the folks there to see if anything can be done.
I think I saw your other post where you did share a favor opinion about the mods. If you did go that route - did you make it through with RBH or CJ? Thank you
Yes, it doesn't seem to work very well. Fortunately, the center channel, plus right and left are where they are supposed to be; but I just checked "balance" and it doesn't seem to work. Since this is in the bedroom as opposed to the listening room, that's not as critical.

If you think that's going to be a problem, call CJ before you buy. I only have Black Gate caps in the power supply.