Considering getting a CD player (again). Used? New? Criteria?

After years without one, I'm considering getting a CD player. I'm not against streaming, but I have many CD's and would like the simplicity of just playing them from time to time. I probably want to cap my expenditure at $700, or so, because this won't be the only way I play music.

A few questions:
If you've purchased a new CD player, what did you buy? Why?
If you've purchased a used player, how old is too old? What factors helped you choose?

My concern with used is that the transport mechanism of older players will be getting tired, and this won't be knowable just because a unit "checks out" with the site (or individual) testifying to the player's working condition. There's got to be an average point for many machines to give up the ghost, mechanically (varying from machine to machine, of course).

You need to check out the ad in US Audio Mart for a MW Sony 999 with the separate power supply and tubes--full mods in other words.  You could get this at VERY near your price point or at it.  ALL the other good players that have been listed will pale in comparison in sound.  This IS the type of buy I mentioned before.  Jack be nibble, Jack be quick...
You can thank me later.

I am also interested in having a transport for cd playing. Any input on the Oppo UDP203 or something better. I would like to keep it under 2k.
I have a couple posts in this thread stating I did not like my new Cambridge Audio CXC after comparing it to my Node2 streamer. I have since had a chance to listen and do a few more comparisons, and would like to retract my earlier statements. I have listened to a wider variety of music and have to admit to liking it as much as I hoped I would. The plan now is to keep it for many years.
@mcstin I'm enjoying mine very much and just bought the Node2i. I like the CXC very much so far. I'm considering some mods, à la: