Considering purchasing different speakers

Hi all and thank you ahead of time for any constructive input. I am trying to get some input regarding the sound of Joseph Audio Profile speakers vs Vienna Acoustics Mozarts. I currently own the Mozarts which I enjoy but am considering buying a pair of Profile as a possible upgrade. My amp is a VTA SP-120 and preamplifier is an SP-14. Identical to Don Sachs line stage. I am a tech for Roy Mottram and Bob Latino at Tubes4hifi and Don shared his "recipe" with me for my build. I believe he was using the Joseph Audio rm25xl which he spoke very highly of before having a set of custom The Audio Nirvana ’Classic 15 ALNICO’ single driver speakers built for himself. I use an old Music Hall 25.3 DAC which I modded heavily. Think Underwood HiFi complete aftermarket upgrade. Partsconnexion provided schematics for the unit and I basically upgraded everything that would improve the unit and this has been my DAC for about 5 years. I use JRiver on my custom built HTPC. I listen to all types of music. Classical, jazz, rock, reggae, blues, indie, etc.
I, like most enjoy a wide, deep soundstage with pinpont placement of all instruments and musicians and air between. Holographic is a word I hear used that I feel is relatively accurate in describing this. I want to enjoy listening without fatigue. Just close my eyes and feel like the performance is in the room with me. I also like the music to be very detailed, accurate and layered.
So now that I have tried to explain what I have, what I like, and what I listen to I will get to my questions and hopefully get some help. Has anyone heard both of these speakers? Do you feel the Joseph Audio Profiles would be an upgrade or improvement over the Vienna Acoustic Mozarts or are they similar with each having some strengths over the other in various areas?  I will not have the opportunity to trial the speakers in my listening area with my equipment prior to purchase and have never heard Joseph Audio so I am going into this ear blind. Thanks!
@OP, given that you can get a good deal nearby, can you ask the seller to let you listen to them for a bit before you buy?
That way you can get a feeling of what they can do.
Problem is, there's no way to know that unless you made the recording yourself.

The above can be said or applied to any single component or aspect of the chain. 

For me, the speaker needs to be as neutral as possible (as defined by the listener). A speaker that edits is a problem.

A speaker that comes closer to being 'neutral' will allow one to hear what is ahead of it: the recordings or power or cables or components or tweaks, etc. etc. 

The focus needs to be on the system as a whole, not the speaker.
Jeff Joseph makes amazing products. His speakers have this quality of bringing you in to the performance. You start to enjoy music even in Show conditions. Jeff as a person is polite, kind and this reflects in his products. I have a store in California. I have no skin in this. Just my opinions.