Considering selling my restored Garrard 301

AG used to be my go to source until the dealers took over but I am hoping for some  thoughts. I restored a nice 1958-9 Creme Garrard 301 oil. Fitted it with an SAEC 308L  w/Ortofon Cadenza Blue. Built a plinth using 2 layers of butcher block. 


While I love the deck, I am considering a more modern alternative. My question is...

Would there be people interested in buying it at a price that would enable me to purchase a comparable alternative or a trade.

Maybe I'm crazy, and perhaps it's the "bug", but I am open to queries. 

I also own a Micro Seiko BL-51 with an Acos Lustre GST 1 arm and Denon 103r


Hope people engage 


After you get the basics ironed out you can consider going the extra mile to get the. best out of the 301 which might include Stillpoints installed under the plinth, an LDA (Long Dog Audio-what a name!) power supply to smooth out the induction motor

and the Eclipse Roadrunner now sold by SOTA to monitor speed which can then be adjusted with the power supply. 

Is the Roadrunner compatible with the AF power supply? Both Phoenix Engineering and now SOTA pair the tachometer with their dedicated power supply, if you want the tach to control speed. Also I wonder whether the SOTA Eclipse components work with an induction motor. Mark Kelly made controllers for the 301, once upon a time.

I Know the owner of Long Dog Audio and was demo’d a pre-production quartz power supply on a Garrard 401, it got a Hand Clap from the attendees, the impression it made was quite something, especially as prior to adding the LDA, the TT was being supplied Power through a Multi £000? Mains Conditioner Unit.

I was also loaned a Production LDA Quartz Power Supply, to use as a Comparison to a Power Supply/Speed Controller I Use that was built by its designer.

The LDA was the most attractive on my system.

The LDA was also used in another system with my own SC and another SC Design produced by the system owner for a 401 and Lenco.

The Lenco GL75 TT, has its own Bespoke Plinth Design and was the used TT, the LDA was preferred by myself and the system owner on this occasion as well.

Note: A DD TT with a built in Speed Control design will offer all that a ID TT can offer when it comes to having the Speed Control utilised as an extra.

The DD TT in many cases can be acquired for the cost of a ID's add on SC. 


What's a "quartz" power supply, especially as it might apply to a Garrard 301/401?  Quartz crystal oscillates at a constant very high frequency and is used as a reference to regulate speed typically of DD turntable motors. Any decent DD TT made since the late 70s uses a quartz reference and a DC motor. I'm just not aware of how a quartz reference would be used in a basic PS for an induction motor.

I can only vouch for my experiencing the LDA Quartz Power Supply and how it made a impression in the two different guises of the build I was able to encounter and have demo's off.

As for the Electronics and their Value, I can only vouch for the sonic changes encountered, as for this, the design is without doubt, using my well documented recollections and assessment, making it known the LDA has been out in front of other Power Supplies experienced in use on Idler Drives.