Considering selling my restored Garrard 301

AG used to be my go to source until the dealers took over but I am hoping for some  thoughts. I restored a nice 1958-9 Creme Garrard 301 oil. Fitted it with an SAEC 308L  w/Ortofon Cadenza Blue. Built a plinth using 2 layers of butcher block. 


While I love the deck, I am considering a more modern alternative. My question is...

Would there be people interested in buying it at a price that would enable me to purchase a comparable alternative or a trade.

Maybe I'm crazy, and perhaps it's the "bug", but I am open to queries. 

I also own a Micro Seiko BL-51 with an Acos Lustre GST 1 arm and Denon 103r


Hope people engage 


The motors are all the same, but there are different pulleys for 50Hz and 60Hz.

fsonic, I used the word "marketing" with respect. They have been very canny about producing plinths and ancillary devices to enhance the performance of very popular products.  Good choice of what products to make and how to sell them is what I had in mind when I used the term "marketing".

It is not clear how the motor controller works and whether it is compatible with 60 hz AC.  If all that it does is clean up the power, whether it is 60 hz or 50 hz, it may not matter what kind of power is fed into the unit.  If it regenerates the AC power, it might matter what is fed to the unit.  But, in any case, a properly designed power feed that cleans up the wave form, or somehow reduces cogging (an bigger issue with AC motors than DC motors would be welcome).  


This is the reason belt and direct drives stole the entire market dumping these old ID drive tables, which were in the beginning very inexpensive until audiophile mythology took over. 

No need to tear you into pieces. When a fool stands up at a party and starts saying idiotic things, polite people just walk away. 

Btw, your syntax is as faulty as your point of view. Maybe worse.