Considering Shindo

I'm the victim of too many glowing reviews. I love tubes, particularly SET amps. Current setup is a SL1200G - Manley Chinook - Manley Jumbo Shrimp - Finale Audio (aka Trios labs out of Canada) 300B Monos - Heresy IV. I'm about to take the plunge on some DeVore o/93 and think it might be time to explore Shindo. What preamp should I look at as an appropriate starting point and upgrade from the Manley? I'm always in search of that balance between sweetness/beauty and clarity. Don't mind a colored sound as long as the details are still present. Thanks! 


As a starting point, Monbrison used or new…it holds a sweet spot in their lineup. Regret selling mine from Ken Shindo era but I know at some point I will be buying the Shindo gear once I make a switch to field coil speakers.

I’m not sure you are a victim.

I think your lusting is probably justifiable. I have been an audiophile for over fifty years. I have methodically researched and upgraded my systems over that time. My tastes have slowly and consistent moved towards the musical warm side. You can see my current systems under my ID.

While I have been attracted to tubes… reluctant as well. Now, I am completely dedicated to tubes… and it has propelled the sound of my system to be what I always wanted.

I have lived in Japan for over two years. I really appreciate the aesthetic and commitment Japanese dedicate to a passionate discipline. For instance I have collected fountain pens from around the world of all time periods. The Japanese fountain pens are only comparable to the vary best Italian. True passionate achievements of endless iterations to achieve perfection.

I would absolutely commit to put together a Shindo system. If I had another space… perhaps a smaller one… I would absolutely do it. I am sure you will be rewarded handsomely. If you do, keep me in the loop. I would love to hear how it goes.

@ghdprentice thanks for your note. I've heard a bunch of great solid state gear but the tubes always call me back. Shindo + DeVore seems to be a match made in heaven so.i can't wait to give it a go .looks like you are also a headphone kunkey like me. Not enough of us head-fi and two channel folks. 



My headphone system sounds like my main system, rich, warm, musical as well as detailed. I love listening to both.

Nice change moving from the Manley to Shindo!  As mentioned above, the Monbrison is generally the "go-to" pre for lots of Shindo setups as it offers a lot of what the uber expensive Shindo pres have sound wise.  But I also really enjoy the Aurieges as much more budget friendly option.

Are you planning on keeping your amp, or switching to Shindo for that as well?

And great choice on the 0/93s! of my favorite speakers that I sell.