Considering thiel 3.6 but need feedback

Condering purchasing the Theil 3.6 but read that they sound best away from the wall. My room is 12'x21' and they would be placed agains the short wall with me sitting about 14' feet away. How much difference does this make ?

I will be using them for both HT and stereo. My associated equipment includes an Aragon Soundstage, bryston 4BST, Aragon 8008x3, anthem CD1 and audioquest cabling.

Any other recommendations in the $1,500 to $2,500 range would be helpfull.

My room is about 14' by 20'. I have my 3.6's also on the short wall, but they're about 3' from the wall, with the front baffle over 4' from the wall. They're about 2.5' from the side walls, and toed in slightly.

My equipment is Denon DCD1650AR/Dodson DA217MkIID/Bat VK-20/Aragon 8008BB. Great soundstage, and great bass, too. I'm very happy with the 3.6's.

Good luck!
Not necessarily. My Thiels have the most even/extended bass response when placed 1' from the wall and 14' from my sitting position. Also Thiels are designed for farfield listening so you will want to strike a compromise between pulling the speakers out from the wall and still be able to sit a good distance away from them. If you have a little extra money, get a used TacT RCS 2.0. This is an invaluable toold in getting optimum response from your system in a room. Assuming you have a digital source.
Thiels are great speakers but do need proper room placement. Many times I have heard them at dealers and they weren't showcased at their best. But I also heard them at the Thiel factory in Lexington, KY where they sounded better. You might also consider the new 2.4s. Usually the newest designs incorporate the latest technology. The 3.6s will probably have better bass, but the rest of the frequency spectrum - have a listen.
I have these speakers, they are excellent but they need room to really shine. They need at least 8 feet between them, at least 3 feet from sidewalls and the further you can get them from the front wall the better. Now that is the optimum setup, most don't have the room. I am fortunate that I do, I have experimented to great extent with placement. They become more transparent with space but more importantly they become less boxey and more open and natural sounding especially with guitar, I'm talking realism. They also pass whatever is fed, you will find out what upstream is made of, tubes in the preamp is the way to go IMO. Hope this helps, just my experience. Good luck with your decision.
Without hesitation, I would go to one of the new generation Thiels--1.6 or 2.4. (Is a new 3.6 in the works??) Why buy into the prior generation? I've never heard a speaker that sounds right, or "better," close to the wall. I say adamantly that speakers ALWAYS sound better away from the wall. More bass is not good bass, and everything else suffers. The soundstage goes flat, images are not focused, the picture gets fuzzy, and there is a general loss of coherence. Of course, it's up to you and your room. But please, pull the speakers away form the wall in 2-foot increments, and see what happens to all the features I mention. Good luck.