Considering Towers in the $3000 range

I am strongly considering a purchase. I am considering the following in no particular order in a large room with high ceilings which I would be driving with a Cary Audio SL-100:

Wharfedale EVO 4.4

Dali Oberon 9

ELAC Carina FS247.4

Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G


Looking for opinion based on experience. My listening preferences are eclectic.

Thanks in advance for responses.



Sonus Faber has a speaker in that price range that is worth a listen. I heard the JBL’s at a show and they sounded great. Also maybe listen to the Klipsch Forte. 
I ended up with Cornwall IV,s and they are pretty great. I heard Forte’s and they are also impressive. Unfortunately, I have never heard Tekton’s although I would love to some day. Supposedly the Polk R700 is big bang for the buck at 2k. 

I agree that if you can stretch to $4300, I agree the Spendor A4 would be my choice. They can be placed in small to larger rooms, they are fairly easy to drive and once broken in, are a great all-arounder that has very good bass and offers a very balanced sound. Breaking them in will take some time, but once they settle in, they can play soft yet stay dynamic. They also play nice with a variety of gear, both tube or solid state. I have a pair on order.

I appreciate all the feedback.  I knew there would be a lot of opinions and I have at least looked at every suggestion in this thread.  I have not decided, but I am leaning in one direction.  I will post when I pull the trigger on an audition and of course, my thoughts on the speakers.

@moonwatcher    Be careful regarding any online reviewer as the voice of truth. You need to do whatever it takes to research/listen and inspect any audio component you intend to purchase.