Considering Towers in the $3000 range

I am strongly considering a purchase. I am considering the following in no particular order in a large room with high ceilings which I would be driving with a Cary Audio SL-100:

Wharfedale EVO 4.4

Dali Oberon 9

ELAC Carina FS247.4

Monitor Audio Silver 500 7G


Looking for opinion based on experience. My listening preferences are eclectic.

Thanks in advance for responses.



I have a pair of ohm-walsh 3’’s I bought used about 2 years ago, seller had recently bought new cans/drivers for them. After a call to John at Ohm I went for the deal, seller drove over an hour to deliver. also got a pair of OW 2’s all for a grand, and how grand it’s been.

 I had gone through several JBL then Klipsch towers in the previous year and the flat/front-facing projection didn’t work for me.

the soundstage from the 3’s alone is enough to sell me on Ohms again as an upgrade whenever I get my VA claim settled and the backpay burns a hole in my better judgment.

Miles Davis and John Coltrane live in Copenhagen 1960 sounds to me like I’m about three rows back st the show.



I guess I'll find out if the midrange is recessed, but it is not the impression I get from reading reviews.  The Stereophile guy surely loved and said "The Monitor Audio Silver 500 embodies a spirit of purity, which I'm inclined to believe is primarily due to the speaker's crossover. The whole wide frequency range of music sounds well-behaved, smooth, and of a piece. Notes seem to emanate from air, not from wooden boxes. The notes slide and shoot like stars."  Manufacturer says 50-70 hours break in and so, it may take time before I can give a well informed opinion.

I have the NSMT Jamaica 50 and love them. Completely disappear. For reference, have also had acoustic zen adagios and Lawrence audio mandolins but these are the “best” (always relative) speakers I have heard.  

Owned the Elac 247.2 that are soundstage gems because of their Jet tweeters and made in Germany quality and piano finish. Just fill the living room with lovely sound and music. Owned both MS Gold 50 & 100’s that their quality speaks to the brand quality. They like power to drive them, with the Rotel power amp 200W making the 100’s dance and sing. I miss the Elac’s except the piano black was a bit nuisance to keep clean.