Considering vinyl again and a possible used TT

I'm considering getting into vinyl. Streaming will still be my main source. have 50 or so albums that have been in storage and will acquire more, more so cherry picking albums here and there. 

I came across a VPI Traveler V1, great condition with a decent low hour cartridge,  dust cover, cables etc for <$1k All I would need is a phono preamp. My hope would be that aside from a future cartridge upgrade I could  be happy without needing to pour more funds into hardware. 

Is a used Traveler v1 a good choice at this price point or am I setting myself up on the need to update path? Is there a better option out there?

This is my last system Sonus Faber Elipsa Se speakers, Rel s812 subs, driven by ps Audio BHK monos,  directstream dac, and pre. I do love my system sound but feel I might find more engagement in some vinyl choices


And an upgrade mc cartridge would be either the Hana LE ($500) or Hana LS ($750). But I find the Denon 103R to be completely musically satisfying so I continue to use it!
I'd consider something simple, A one-stop brand for all components hopefully creating an easy combination Maybe something like a Rega p3 with a matching Fono amp.Its a quick way to get that vinyl spinning.
Thanks for the input. 

Short answer seems to be the Traveler at this price isn't a no question go to choice. Really didn't relish driving 4 hours to see it anyway....

Right one will appear when it does.

I'm currently using a Traveler V2 in a temporary second modest system, as it was gifted to me in virtually new condition. It work's for my purpose, but not what I would recommend at that price point. Members here can recommend much better and interesting alternatives, I'm sure. You'll be the four-hour "Traveler"!! 
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