Constant whining coming from ...

Thought you guys might be able to help me out ... I have a constant whining coming from my car .. that's right my car

It's clearly audible but I just can't pin point it

It's not coming from the suspension or the tires and I don't hear anything in the engine bay

I've made a short video where the whining is clearly evident

Please take a moment and watch my video and maybe you can help me out

My gut feeling is there is no cure for this whining

Thanks in advance Dave

Whining Noise Video

great and funny replies guys. Dave do not play around,
have a certified mechanic check out your ride. The worse he can say "there is nothing remarkable" going on.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
Sounds like some $$$'s will have to be spent - on some transparent carbon stones....
If your marriage license expired like your drivers license does, this might be a non-issue. I would in the very least, check to make sure she hasn't been recalled.