Constellation's House Sound Inquire

 I’ve never heard them at the shows or friends...
How do they sound similar most to one of these brands below:
Lamm, PS Audio, Krell, Pass Labs, VTL, Gryphon, Gamut, Boulder, Mark Levinson, Luxman, Air Tight, Jeff Rowland, Burmester?
Also, are Constellation amps reliable?
Their price seems high.
Try reading a few reviews from Absolute Sound, Stereophile etc. Talk to a dealer who carries some of those uber brands you mentioned. 
Well, if you know the older Class A Krell sound, he led Krell then and designed them.
I’ve read a user report on PS audio’s forum that had owned Constellation and preferred his BHK300 amps. I think Bascom King may have stated the amps were his best work so far. I think The tube input section is the killer feature, and they brought my TAD’s to a new level. The amps are quite reasonable priced since it’s mass produced (in Colorado) and is in a simple case.  I believe they offer 30 day in home trial. There is a stereo 250 that is supposed to be quite good, though the mono blocks supposedly sound better. There is a 500 or 600 watt version coming out for those that need that much power.
Bowers & Wilkins uses CONSTELLATION amps just after they dumped CLASSE to show the new 800/2 speakers during the Brussels audio show, I think it was in 2017.