Consumer Electronics Show,8-12 Jan. 2004 Las Vegas

Some questions:
Can the general public attend this?
Is is worth attending?
Can you listen to various high quality systems?
Any information or experiences you may have would be helpful.
It's worth doing once in your life. Probably not again unless you are in the industry.
It has more of an industry orientation than the Stereophile show, but is still wonderful. Definitely check out the competing "THE" show at the San Remo when you are there.
I checked into that THE Show stuff.
THE Show has once gain located right next door to the Alexis Park. (the fireworks are fun to watch! The CES hates that, but they are responsible for creating the conditions that led to the Rebel show...) Most of THE Show exhibits will be at the St. Tropez, but some of the big "prestige" exhibits will still be at the San Remo, on the ground floor. There will be a shuttle bus from the St. Tropez to the San Remo