Contact Cleaner Recommendations??

Hi Everyone

I was just wondering what is the *best* or recommended type of contact cleaner to use for interconnects, speaker cables, power cables etc...

Thanks in Advance
Bought some of the Kontak cleaner and it works as others here have described it. Pretty surprising how dirty most of my connections were. It's been a while since I've cleaned them. I would describe the difference as noticeable and very much worthwhile in improving the performance of my system. I will definitely continue to use it as recommended.
Glad to hear your happy with it!
It`s such a cheap tweak and a bottle should last quite a while that`s for sure
Anyone used the Mobile Fidelity contact cleaner by RRL? I currently use it and it seems to work a treat. The oxidation virtually disappears before your eyes ... but requires part 1 and part 2. Might give this a go myself. Regards, David