Contact Dennis Had?

Does anyone have any idea how to contact Dennis Had? I was hoping to ask him a couple of questions about my amp. 

Thanks! Greg
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You might even ring the bell at Moon Audio, whom he has a working relationship with building the Inspire/Dragon headphone amp for.
What happened to your V12R? Are you having issues? One of the best amps ever made.

So is it Upgrades, running hot, leaking oil or blowing fuses? :-)

I tried contacting him a few months ago without any luck. Went through his eBay page.
I asked the same question two years ago and folks here on AG contacted me that knew him. There was not a single question I asked I didn’t get an answer for. I was politely told he was retired.

Every question I ask was answered on a thread I started. I knew NOTHIG about the V12R. I sure do now.. A wealth of information here on AG IF you listen..

I want to contact Bill Gates and ask him questions.. Lots of luck with that too.. :-)

Ask a QUALITY question and you’ll get a QUALITY answer.

Other than sending a person a Christmas card and thanking them for their contribution to the audio world, why on EARTH would you want to disturb them.

What’s wrong with my amp or where should I send it is a good reason to retire..

I still get phone calls from people I worked with from years gone past. They can contact ME because I (not someone else) left them a way to do it.. Did Mr Had leave you contact information? Me neither.. I respect that.. He has a code you just got to know it...

Ask a quality question you’ll get a quality answer..

SO is it an Upgrades, running hot, leaking oil, heard a pop or blowing fuses? :-)

Please have your credit card ready.. :-) I mean you were going to pay him right?

BTW prices doubled.. Covid ay..

Cantankerous Regards.. AS I install my new parts in my OLD Six Pacs that are brand new NOW.. Cute little things.
I last contacted Dennis Had through his Inspire website. His handle is "radioman731"

Based on above responses seems Dennis has tired of high involvement with audio. His new Inspire line is low key, sort of cottage industry product. He obviously sold his baby, Cary in order to get away from all the hassles involved with high end audio manufacturing. I can respect him not answering questions relevant to Cary products, no longer his concern.

Too bad for Cary owners, I had a number of interesting conversations with Dennis back in the day when I owned Cary amps. Also helped direct me in diy repair in regard to bias and cap issues with my amp. Dennis was a real gentleman!
Can anyone recommend technical folks who would be good at modifying a Cary SLP-50a preamp?