Contact -enhancer, fuses - NOS 1260 High fidelity audio cables

My friend bought a  bit what seems a bit pricy, but I split the cost ,and without question this very special blend is far more powerful then I thought ,I expected a small change but just letting it play for several days a profound improvement, I took two pair of wire wire eclipse cables one treated one not , , as well as fuses 
and then removed , my brother changed them not mentioning which ones ,only 1 sets time needed for integrated amp 
a sizable increase in resolution and image depth , soundstage too was wider as well as deeper .I 
waited a couple hours in between , the fuses synergistic orange , they too were very much improved .
I am going to let them seat  in another 100 Hours at least .I still have not done the power cord, or speaker cables yet . I am very impressed. I was very much a skeptic, since I already have been using 
stabilant 22 which I thought was respectable increase in fidelity . Before making any type of opinion 
it’s well worth trying ,I was told in a week they are coming out with 1/2 size bottles for $349 which will do several audio systems, a light application goes a long way and IMO a noticeable increase in fidelity 
for minimal cost.

Just heard from High fidelity Cable the NPS 1260 is out of stock for extend time do to supply issues (raw materials). They are working on a new formula that has so far been positive. In the early testing period has shown to be better than the 1260??? No release date to the public yet.

+1 here- Heard the same from High Fidelity Cables today.

Not sure what I think about that info. 

I use and like NPS 1260- it may never re-appear, so we all will just have to wait what if anything comes next.

First World Problem, as they say....

For those coming across this thread, it probably should be added that High Fidelity put out an upgraded version, NPS Q45T. Then they went under. The latter is still available afaik, as Rick licensed it. Do a search on the product name. Also there's another thread here about it.