Contact Enhancer Q45T

Hello to my all Q45T’s lovers and fans.

John from Cables Company has just confirmed that the new batch of Q45T has just arrived this morning Friday 4/15 and they are ready taking in orders and ship. Unfortunately, back orders and the waiting line for this addictive "Love Portion No.9" is long so, according to John, there is only 1 of 10ml and 3 of 5ml left until next batch coming in again.

DISCLAIMER: PS-1260 and Q45T were invented, designed and to be licensed by the man himself, RICK SCHULTZ.

Now, below is my Q45T’s experience which was shared on Pete’s NPS-1260 thread a few months back:

. 1260 is revealing and transparent with a decent of musicality. It’s a jaw dropping experience.

. Q45T makes music more beautiful . It gives me goosebumps with satisfactions

First music notes with Q45T on, I was floored. Very organic and beautiful with lots of LAYERS and RESOLUTIONS.... so accurate and realistic Bass is so tuneful and excite. High is sweet, silky and nicely extend. So much more engaging and musical. PRAT is smooth and effortless..

Q45T helps so much focussing on sound-staging and imaging. For the first time in 15,18 years, I stop listening to my gear but just music.

So, is Q45T better than NPS-1260?

YES YES and YES for me it is.

I strongly recommend Q45T for all gears... entry level or super high end.

I was told that, on their last batch, The Cable Company sold all their Q45T bottles on their first day, so get yours ASAP






And just could be done? One would need to shut off the system, strip each treatment off, apply the new, listen for a few days, then repeat. I seriously doubt one could quantify whatever differences that exist

For starters one could try to measure resistance and impedance of an electrical connection before and after applying the contact enhancer….that is assuming that any scientific effort went into the product development…

I don’t know the science behind any of the enhancers, I use Furutech Nano and to my ears it provides some positive impact to the SQ. What I think hurts the acceptance of these type products is the hyperbole assigned , for instance and not picking on anyone , but $345 more like $34,500 in improvement; and the $10K to $45K extension. I have no doubt that positive impacts were heard , but the hyperbole helps the case of those that cry snake oil..

@facten ,


thank you for your comment: I am using the other three products I mentioned myself and simply take issue with the exaggerated claims being made on the new product.

Contact enhancers work, they do however not turn a pig into a golden stallion

When I say $345 is more like $34,500 it surely is a reflection of my satisfaction.

And a direct reference to actual money spent in my $135,000 system.

Can an actual amount be quantified.? Not really. Is it a highly subjective, emotional comment? Obviously.

The truth is that NPS Q45T has significantly improved my listening experience.

So much so, that I now look forward, excitedly to every LP. This was not my experience before the Q45T. The sound grabs me and my emotions like never before. Can you put a price on something that is priceless?