Contacting EgglestonWorks

I have a pair of  Eggleston Andra II's that need to be serviced. Foam surrounds need replacing and performance check. Also wanting to upgrade them as well. I've called the number provided by them on their webpage about 5 times, left messages, and emailed tech support and services to no avail. Does anyone know an alternative way to contact them or does anyone know of a reputable speaker tech that can service them. I paid $15,000 for them and it would be nice if I could get them checked out and or, upgraded. Thanks in advance.


GSS Speaker repair services based in Hollywood.  They can fix anything.  Got their name from Hawthorne Stereo in Seattle who has been in business for literally something like 60 years.

Needed my brothers Naim speaker woofer repaired.  Hawthorne says GSS has literally never failed to repaired sent items. 

Didn’t fail me either.  Singh is the owner.  Great prices too.

Before finding GSS speaker repair, Naim and a local speaker repair shop said the woofer was not repairable and wished us luck in finding a used woofer online to replace his.

GSS didn’t break a sweat and the woofer is going on 3 years of almost daily use now.

Whatever you do, good luck.


Only one place to go to re-foam speakers.  Miller Sound in PA.  Contact Bill there.  He has been doing this before anyone else ever has.  Does probably 10 drivers a day.