Contemporary Classical Composers - new discoveries

I’ll start with my most recent discovery…Valentin Silvestrov. I’ve been going thru some of this Ukrainian composer’s work and I have to say I’m impressed.
Highly recommend to check out the following albums a starting point…

What are some of your favorites?


@czarivey looks like it might take few attempts to get into Nyman. 
Most of the stuff in playlist. Will be listening tomorrow. 

This topic is right up my alley!

The vast majority of classical music I listen to is from post 1950's, up through the present era. Although I love the 2nd Viennese School: Schoenberg, Berg, Webern.

I tend to like the 'thorny' sounding stuff, so, YMMV with my recommendations.

One of my favorite composers is Elliott Carter.

But: Charles Wuorinen, Bruno Maderna, Joan Tower, Stefan Wolpe, George Perle, Unsuk Chin, Olga Neuwirth, Roger Sessions, and others are also high on my list.


I'll start with a great Carter piece.