Contemporary Classical Composers - new discoveries

I’ll start with my most recent discovery…Valentin Silvestrov. I’ve been going thru some of this Ukrainian composer’s work and I have to say I’m impressed.
Highly recommend to check out the following albums a starting point…

What are some of your favorites?


Joan Tower (USA) born 1938.

Concerto for Orchestra (1991)

This kills me every time I listen to it.




I haven't seen anyone mentioned Brazilian Choro composers such as Ernesto Nazareth or Heitor Villa Lobos... Can we consider them as modern classical composers?

Villa Lobos  is a composer who is neither traditionalist nor influenced by the like of the second  Viennese school ... It is a great composer as anyone must know ...

I will put it here  if the OP accepted  a dead man .... 😊