Conterweight on RS-212D

I just came across two different pictures of RS-212D arm.
The first one is from
and the other one is from the
I can see that the counterweight is different.
I spoke with needledoctor person and he said it should come as the one pictured on ortofon site but he couldn't guess where the picture came from. Anybody has an idea?
Thank you

I could be wrong but I believe the photo on the Needledoctor site is the wrong photo (could be wrong specs as well) and is actually photo of the less expensive AS-212S.
I've got the AS212S arm which is what Needledoctor have mistakenly shown where there should be the 212D.
Thanks, folks, yes you are correct, this is what it turned out to be.

Diggory - how is your AS212S - do you like it? Any comparison thoughts to the ortofon RS-212D dynamic version or Jelco 750DB? I know that RS212D sells higher but I am not shure which portion of that price is built based upon just the brand name.
Thank you
Anatoliy, yes i like the AS212S very much. I've got it mounted on an SME Model 10 turntable with a Phase Tech P3 Alexandrite cartridge. I've used a SME IV arm on the table before but that had a different cartridge so really a comparison would be moot.

I can't fault the arm and have no desire to replace it with anything. I did get the heavier counterweight to make the Phase Tech cartridge work at its best as it has a low compliance .
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