Convert speaker cables to interconnects? ?

Just curious if anyone has ever converted speaker cables to interconnects and if they were pleased with the results? Any reason not to do this?? Thanks, Bill
Many manufacturers use the very same cable for IC's and speaker cable. I have successfully converted several cables in both directions.

It can be done and sometimes even works.

Why do it? I have good speaker cable and need longer IC's.
I have long IC's and need better speaker cables.
I had recently sent my Crystal Cable Refernece Speaker Cables back to The Netherlands for repairs as my puppy chewed through one of them.

In splicing and cutting the remaining lengths of wire to make a matched length pair of "new" speaker wires, they were able to, and did, make a 1m pair of Crystal Cable Reference Connect ICs with the extra material. Other then adding their signature RCA terminations, they appear to be exactly, and they do sound exactly, like the other (4) pair of CC Ref Connects I have in my system. Effectively, I received a fully broken pair of Ref Connect IS with brand new terminations.

So, the apparent answer to your questions is: Yes.

Good Luck, John
47 Labs Stratos cable -- same super thin unshielded wire for both speaker and IC's. I have it, sounds great. One benefit is the whole system is connected with the same wire.