Converting FLAC Files

I have a very large hard drive full of FLAC and WMA files which for whatever (probably simple) reason can't be read or played on a MacBook I recently acquired--how do I convert the files so they're usable with the Mac?
Thanks in advance....
Do a search on the internet. There are many online download converters.

Wait, they should play fine. The issue is your Mac software. What are you using to play music?

If you know anything about shell scripting you should be able to "whip up" a script to use ffmpeg which is a free converter from Unix/Linux land.



I am not a fan of FLAC because the SQ is inferior to .wav.  I don't care if you cannot hear the difference.  I can hear the difference.

Changing FLAC to wav with XLD is the best on Mac.  Free download.  Google it.

Steve N.

Empirical Audio

dBpoweramp and XLD are perhaps the most popular. XLD is free. Convert your files to aiff or alac. Keep in mind if you choose wav it doesn't support metadata like other formats.

The age-old wav vs flac debate has been raging for years now with strong proponents on both sides. Listen for yourself if you care to. While I respect Steve's viewpoint I don't agree with him and I assume he won't be the one listening to your system.