Converting LP's to digital files

After making my first TT purchase in over 30 years I now want to convert my albums to a digital format. Is there a good resource for doing this? Something that would describe hardware, software, formats, etc?
I believe there are a number of tutorials on the internet. You might also check the forums at Audio Asylum or a similar audio web sites as the issues have been covered extensively.

I've converted over 2,000 LPs and open reels to digital over the past 8 or 9 years.

I play my turntable through the phono preamp. The output of that plugs into my computer soundcard line input through a RCA to 1/8" phono jack converter. The equipment can be as basic or fancy as you like. There are also turntables with USB outputs that many use.

I use Adobe Audition to record the tracks, process for any clean-up such as click removal, and then split the recording into tracks. Then the files are saved to your preferred file format. At this point you can burn the music files to a CD, or you can tag them and move them to a music server.

There are other programs besides Audition. They range from free to expensive professional studio software.
I use Bellari VP530 phono stage with a USB output to my laptop. I then use a free software from Audacity. This combo works fine.
Its my understanding, that recording to a digital format is easy, however recording to a hi-rez format is a bit difficult which would be my goal if was to embark on this journey.
I found this site , but haven't begun the research yet. good luck.
just a thought, PS audio perfectwave would allow hirez output to a PC...
If you want something very good/hi rez consider the Nagra LB digital recorder. I have not personally tried this yet, I may one day soon. Records up to 24/192.

Tone Audio has a pre-review posted in issue #23 page 98. and a award posted in issue 25 page 102/103.

Anyway, a possible hi rez route to take...
I use the DAK-2800-PC. It works very well. After I modified it by changing the caps to Nichicon it worked even better.