Converting Vinyl to digital

I saw an interesting unit in JC Penny's today. For $99 you get a record player and you can feed your LPs to either a computer or burn a CD. While this is probably not the best choice for an audiophhile, I am curoius what is out their that will do this to satisfy at an audiophile level.
Unless you have a lot of free time, the effort is not worth the result. Great analogue sound is never reproduced from a CD/ Best to keep the vinyl and a top rated turntable. If you want to hear what a top rated conversion of an lp to cd/hard drive would be look into having just one, your most listened to lp done by the many professional services that do just that. Then compare to understand what if any benefit you get.

Back in the cave man days we used reel to reel tape decks to put our LPs onto.

on the same tact as the $99 record player with USB, there are more upscale LP spinners with the same USB interface.

past reel to reel, a sound card like an M Audio 24/192 has analog inputs and comes with decent software for importing tape, cassettes, or any other analog info. It runs around $165 to $199 NEW.

buc's idea of the time is right on too... it's a labor intensive afair for sure. A fair amount of people are doing just this idea of convertnig LPs to digital these days for routine playback, and twisting up wax for those special times.

Good luck.
I'm not sure I'd say that it's all that time-consuming and there are certainly many times when I want a CD of my most frequently listened-to LPs. once I've recorded the LP to HD, it just takes a minute to do the fade-ins/outs and the 'bounce to disk' (Protools) doesn't require any attention once you've clicked the mouse.

and, compared with past recording technologies involving tape, the complete absence of hiss as well as the ability to make duplicates almost instantly are great.

the biggest issue for me is that every time I improve my TT setup, it means that I could get better CDs if I went back and did them all again...

Can you add specifics to your response - What other hardware (if any) do you need to run protools? Are coming out from your preamp into the computer? Can you then import to iTunes?

I am looking for answers to this question too. I used to have an Alesis Masterlink, but wasn't really happy with that one.


I have no direct experience with it, but the Apogee Duet has garnered some pretty good reviews for doing just what you want in a small package and with excellent a/d conversion. It is also called out for it's excellent DAC section. Again, no direct exposure to it. It is targeted at pro-audio, like most devices in the realm of what you are seeking, and is strictly a MAC/Firewire device. The hardware interfaces are pro-audio (1/4" plugs and XLR inputs) so you would need adapters. Since you did not list your hardware I don't know if that is appropriate. The other one that comes to mind is the Focusrite Saffire recently mentioned it the TAS digital issue. Again, a pro tool with pro interface in both hardware and software (you would need to be a bit tech savvy to use it). Sweetwater has plenty of choices in various interface devices. The one I found there that actually uses RCA plugs and is relatively simplistic is here, but I don't know anything about it, and I think it is relatively new. It uses a USB interface, along with RCA in/out. No more expensive than your JC Penny device.